Samples of branding, print design, and digital design done for my incredible clients. (And a heartfelt thank you to all of my clients for trusting me with their inspirational projects!) 


edmonton Skydive

Partnering with Edmonton Skydive, Adventure Creative outlined a marketing strategy and key tactics to reach two separate audiences: first time skydivers and experienced "fun jumpers". This included a complete rebrand, new website, Google ad campaigns, social media campaigns, printed materials, event promotions, custom beer pong tables, and much more. (Pssst! You can book your skydive with them now at!)

Nadene led several key marketing and design projects for Edmonton Skydive. She extended and improved the brand's identity in a variety of social media, print and online advertising mediums. Because of her bold vision, Edmonton Skydive now has one of the most targeted, creative and professional brands in our industry.” —Al Christou, Owner, Edmonton Skydive

Standing Dead Woodworks

Logo design for Standing Dead Woodworks, owned and operated by Calgary craftsman Alistair Clark. Standing Dead Woodworks builds custom artisan furniture out of reclaimed and standing dead fall wood. If you look closely at the tree icon, you'll notice the letterforms for "S" and "D" stacked on top of one another. A secondary logo based on Alistair's handwritten signature was also created. Both logos were created to work across all possible platforms, from online to handmade cast iron brands that actually burn the logos into each unique piece of furniture. You can see Alistair's beautiful work at

Adventure Creative got my work done fast and effectively. I am very happy with their service. I would definitely use them again for all my graphic design needs.” —Alistair Clark, Owner & Designer, Standing Dead Woodworks

Perry Educational Services

Perry Educational Services is a very cool Alberta-based business I had the pleasure of doing some brand identity work for, including logo design, business cards, letterhead, and folders. When Phil Perry isn’t teaching construction management, he and Izzy are busy making new skydiving coaches and instructors. This creates a need for differentiation between the construction management and skydiving divisions of the business.

A vertical slash and a greater sign are used to construct the letter “P” (for “Perry”). This creates opportunities for the logo to communicate “greater than” messages visually (such as, “Your career. Your education. Your life. GREATER.”). This iconography also lends itself to deconstruction to do this in interesting and abstract ways. Unique colour palettes and photography are used to differentiate between the construction management and skydiving divisions of the business, while still maintaining a consistent look and feel overall.

“You are an absolute JOY to work with and your work is top notch. Thank you so much for everything.” —Izzy Perry, Director of Education, Perry Educational Services

CSPA Skydiving National Championships

Logo, branding, print advertising, and other promotional materials created for Edmonton Skydive, host dropzone of the 2015 Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA) National Skydiving Championships. The CSPA Nationals are held biannually to recognize national champions in several skydiving disciplines, with top competitors going on to represent Canada at international skydiving meets.

Nadene led several key marketing and design projects for Edmonton Skydive. She extended and improved the brand's identity in a variety of social media, print and online advertising mediums. Because of her bold vision, Edmonton Skydive now has one of the most targeted, creative and professional brands in our industry.” —Al Christou, Owner, Edmonton Skydive

Wingsuit world record

Logo design for the 2015 Wingsuit World Record, hosted by Lightning Flight and Skydive Perris. Lightning Flight offers the most cutting-edge wingsuit coaching in the world, while Skydive Perris is internationally known as the premiere destination for “big way” formation skydiving (i.e. 100+ jumpers). For the Wingsuit World Record, a team of 51 international wingsuit skydivers from 14 nations, selected by skill and experience for being some of best in the world, managed to set (and break) the world's first record for “largest wingsuit formation” with the FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale). (Shameless plug: It just so happens that I also did the logo redesign for Lightning Flight!)

We're so pleased with your work and can't wait to share the logo with the world!” —Taya Weiss, Co-Founder of Lightning Flight & Lead Organizer of the Wingsuit World Record

Skydive Monterey Bay

Skydive Monterey Bay, a surfside skydiving center in California, was looking for a subtle logo refresh, a new website, and some help getting started in the social media world. I worked with them to update their logo while maintaining the original logo concept, then brought together a small but mighty team of creative partners to launch Skydive Monterey Bay into the online world. 

We developed a website which showcased the phenomenal view while making it easy to book a skydive at any time, from any page. We also came up with a social media strategy, a year-long calendar of creative content, and a unique branded look (including profile images, cover images, and photography templates) to create a distinct online presence. You can check them out (and book the world’s highest tandem!) at

I absolutely LOVE what you guys have come up with! I really appreciate the effort.” —Jacklyn Behrick, Manager, Skydive Monterey Bay

Tiaosan Research & consulting

Brand identity project for Tiaosan, a research and consulting firm which provides project development, research, project management, and research mentorship services. Founded by a skydiver with a highly diverse background and an unusual outlook, the brand visually incorporates this information with a look and feel that reflects the founder's scientific approach. The final tagline? “Exceptional research from different perspective.” This project included logo development, business cards, and letterhead. 

“It was both a professional and fun experience working with Nadene Beyerbach (Adventure Creative). I was developing a logo and business cards for my consultancy and wanted to get across that I have a different view of the world. We had several conversations about what I was trying to get across and Nadene presented me with several options. All professional and creative, but ranged on the scale from more traditional to elegantly creative. Nadene was professional, easy to work with, and delivered on time at the agreed-upon price. I would have no hesitation doing business with her again. Nadene's vision statement, “I believe that life is a great adventure, and am incredibly lucky to work with people who dare to live their dreams,” is a true reflection of herself. If this resonates with you, I strongly recommend Adventure Creative as your go-to creative marketing organization.” —Paul Watson, Founder, Tiaosan Research & Consulting

Canadian Sport Parachuting Association

Cover design, inside layout, and illustrations for the Canadian Sport Parachute Association (CSPA) Parachutist Information Manual. Created in both French and English versions, the manual was designed to provide an easy-to-follow information structure throughout, as well as a consistent look and feel to ultimately be used across all CSPA manuals. The full manual can be downloaded from CSPA's website at

“Working with Nadene was truly a pleasure! She took a 200 page information manual and designed it into something user-friendly, visually cueing, and creative! We've had nothing but positive responses on its new layout and will certainly work with her again in the future!” —Michelle Matte-Stotyn, Executive Director, Canadian Sport Parachuting Association

MP Aviation

Michael Plouffe doesn't just fly planes. He's an aerobatic rockstar, an airshow dynamo. When he says he needs a logo to communicate “heart-stopping airshow excitement”, he means business. (No pressure, right?) For his logo I used an electrocardiogram (ECG) line as the smoke trail of an airplane, with ECG spikes that double as the “A” letterforms in “AVIATION”. The silver color lends a look that is industrial, high tech, and just a little bit like the polished aluminum of an aircraft. To book Michael for an airshow or advanced flight instruction, visit

The Adventure Creative team was instrumental in creating the perfect eye-catching logo I needed for my airshow business. Nadene was courteous, professional, and communicated well throughout the entire process. I will certainly be seeking their services in the future.” —Michael Plouffe, Owner & Pilot, MP Aviation

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