A Canadian-based boutique design studio founded by Nadene Beyerbach (that's me!). Passionate about crafting unique brand identities for inspiring businesses, I partner with a trusted collective of freelancers to develop all types of bold, beautiful creative—from logos and t-shirt designs, to websites and full-scale ad campaigns.



I believe that life is a great adventure, and am incredibly lucky to work with people who dare to live their dreams. I spend my days dreaming up unique marketing concepts for weird and wonderful organizations, drawing wacky comics, teaching skydiving, and BASE jumping in as many cool places as possible.   

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce with a Marketing Specialization and Psychology Minor, as well as a Graphic Design Diploma with Honours, and have worked on both the advertising agency and client sides of marketing.

After a decade in the marketing world, I’ve helped build some powerful brands. Some of my proudest moments include launching an award winning “PRO·LINE Guys” television campaign for Atlantic Lottery, as well as making the national news with some, ahem, less than traditional “Bake it Like Grandma” cooking videos for Crosby’s Molasses. (Need a laugh? Check out a couple here and here!) 

These days I draw from my strategic marketing background, design experience, and adventures in extreme sports to develop bold creative for unconventional businesses. I help people who want to distill the spirit of their company into the perfect visual identity and share it with the world. Sound like you? Let’s connect! 

(P.S. Did I mention I love to jump off things?! If you need someone for a demo or other production, reach out!)